Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You know how, when you are first waking up, especially if it is dark, you have to figure out where the heck you are? I've been doing that a lot the past few days, or if it's dark; trying to remember which side of the bed to get out of. It happens a lot when on the road, however then you are always in the same bed - just the scenery outside the window changes regularly. You wake up and have to look outside to see if there is an ocean, or desert, a redwood forest, a river, or a Walmart parking lot ;-(
Back at home I have been surprised to drift awake to see tall spruce and pine trees outside, one day bathed in bright sunlight, the next covered in fresh snow! But looking the other way where there is a window in the camper, there is just a closet now.

Even though I outran most of the stormy weather on my way back here, it appears that I have brought the cooler temperatures with me.

I washed the truck, only to find it looking like this the next morning.
The fifth wheel is back in it's 'between trips' parking spot, but the furnace is on low to keep it from freezing up until these unseasonably cool temperatures moderate.
The old hot tub is half full of water, but so far has refused to start up after taking the winter off. It is now about 16 years old, so I guess I should be glad that it has lasted this long, but I just invested several hundred in a new pump and controls recently, so it would be nice to recoup my investment.
The internet dish is shivering in it's new spot in front of the house, but working well.Most of the snow around here has now melted, though there are still patches in the bush, or where it was plowed into piles during the winter.
But not far up the road towards Jasper is Mosquito Creek campground. I went for a drive up there a day or so ago and found that there is still around 2-3 feet on the ground, and lots more where it has been plowed up.

The campground is 'open' all year, and a central area is plowed out on occasion, but don't even think of trying to get around the loop where the campsites are.
It's still pretty much winter up there.


  1. Was in Jasper once in 74. Snowed in & never did see the mountains around the town because of storm. Maybe if you tackled that snow with with a hair dryer you might get some flowers coming up in June.....

  2. It rained and blew here for a few days but that sure beats snow. Please, keep it there ☺