Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Revelstoke Lake

What a great weekend at the lake!

We found that a lot of the good camp spots were taken, but were lucky to find a lakefront spot that did not have to be shared.CIMG1070

The weather was a bit unsettled for a day or two, but eventually cleared substantially.CIMG1010

All the leaves were out on the trees, and the spring smells were incredible.  Across the lake in the high country, snow still covers everything, and several glaciers can be seen.CIMG1011

There is lots of available driftwood along the shore for campfires, as long as you pick the stuff that is higher up and has had a chance to dry out.  I did not have to use any of the wood I brought from home, and I did not have to put my chainsaw to use – though others in the area did so.CIMG1025


This was to be Hailey’s first real road trip and also her first camping trip, and also the first time in the 5th wheel.  She moved into the camper, and was soon climbing on everything and making herself right at home.CIMG1042

When it was nice outside, I began to feel a bit sorry for her being stuck inside.  So I got Harley’s harness and adjusted it as small as it would go.  That was still too large for her, but I managed to shrink it a bit smaller, using elastic bands to hold everything in place.CIMG1052

Of course she wasn’t too keen on it at first, but as soon as I took her outside, the distractions out in the real world were such that she forgot all about the harness – and even managed not to get tangled up too badly!  Like Harley, I think she soon realized that the appearance of the harness and getting in to it meant that she was to go outside, which she liked of course.


While she runs around indoors like her tail was on fire, she is so overwhelmed by the new smells and diversions outside, that she took things a bit slower.CIMG1005

It was a bit cool sitting around the campfire, so I thought that I would try slipping her into my jacket to keep her warm.  I expected that would last about 3 seconds of squirming kitten, but she relaxed and spent at least half an hour and hardly moved a muscle.    CIMG1065 One day we went for a drive further up to the head of the lake, and Mica dam.  We started with her in her travel crate, but since we were not towing and there was little traffic, I thought it was a good time to see how she would do being loose in the cab.  Not to worry.  She just explored her way around and found a few new places to rest and sleep.  I just made sure she did not get down by my feet, or in front of the windshield.


With that good performance, she got to go free all the way back home on the final day.

From this first taste of travel and camping, I think she will turn into a first rate traveling companion, as was Harley.     CIMG1023

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