Saturday, October 2, 2010

A few Changes …

It’s not every day that your truck turns over 100,000 kms, you give it new tires, you move out of your house where you have lived for 14 years, your kitten gets her first shots, and you pull out of the driveway for the last time.

Well, it was one of those weeks.

On the way back from Saskatchewan last week, I camped in this nice little campsite near Morrin, AB.

CIMG2038CIMG2040 CIMG2039  

   The fall colours were out as I delivered one of the last loads to my new residence.  I have actually owned it for the last 7 years, but only made occasional visits.  Now, all my ‘stuff’ is there, except what I have in the 5th wheel.

CIMG2050 CIMG2053 CIMG2069

Hailey, having fun with about all that was left in the old house – a big garbage bag; and settled into the fifth wheel with her favourite toys.

CIMG2054 CIMG2045

My truck turned over 100,000 kms, and here is where it happened!

CIMG2063 CIMG2065 CIMG2068   

Then, it was time to treat the truck to some new tires, and hit the road for a while.CIMG2073

I guess I really should retire before my vacation leave runs out and I have to go back to work – with nowhere to live! We hauled up over Roger’s Pass, then turned south and caught the free ferry.  Missed the one sailing by about a minute, so had a front row on the next boat in. CIMG2096 CIMG2097

Did a roadside camp with a view (but no photo) of Slocan Lake!

 CIMG2098 CIMG2099

Then, it was on to the ‘6TH SINIXT BARTER FAIR: October 1,2,3. Vallican, BC’

A few Sinixt live in their traditional West Kootenay territory, particularly the Slocan Valley. They are no longer legally recognized by the Canadian government.

It is a small, but popular event in a beautiful location in the Slocan Valley.  A wide range of local and international artists perform, and vendors provide food and goods for sale.

CIMG2100 CIMG2102 CIMG2103

After this the ‘plan’ is to visit the west coast, and Vancouver Island to visit some friends and find some warmer weather!


  1. Well, congratulations on getting all that accomplished! Do you plan to come south to the US anytime this winter?

  2. Sounds like your vacation is keeping you way to busy out there Ivan. You may have to go to work for a rest. At least you are at the right end of the country for all the stuff you are doing & plan to do. Won't be long now & you will be able to nose that truck into a stiff southerly breeze & head er out...........