Sunday, October 24, 2010

Getting Tired – at Walmart

Sometimes there are advantages to camping at Walmart, and this is one of these times.

My tire adventures continue.  After a day spent in and around Nanaimo, I noticed another low tire on the same side as the last flat tire.  I pumped the tire up with my air compressor, but it still lost half it’s pressure in a few hours ;-(

I must have driven over something sharp somewhere on the logging road or around the Horne Lakes Campground that got both tires at the same time.

It was a Sunday and the tire centre was not open when I first checked in the morning, but they were open later so I dropped the tire off for repair.  Unfortunately, they deemed it not repairable, with a cut in the sidewall.  A quick trip across the parking lot to get the spare, and they installed it on the aluminum rim, while the non-fixed tire was put on the back as an emergency spare, since it still holds air for a while.

Of course, I forgot to take any photos of the whole operation.  This time, I used the truck jack to lift the trailer for the operation instead of the blocks.CIMG2321

Fortunately, Hailey decided she would pose for some photos to fill all the empty space in this post.

Hanging out in the back seat of the truck.


Watching the Nanaimo nightlife out the window.


Napping. CIMG2322

And having a serious fight with a toy she got from the late Ms S, a very special cat who recently passed on.

Pics of Ms S on our Alaska trip last year.

image image image

CIMG2325 CIMG2326 CIMG2327 CIMG2328 CIMG2330 CIMG2331 CIMG2334

Hailey checking out a crow sitting on the back of the truck.CIMG2336

After this we’re heading back to the south end of the island to visit some more friends before heading back to Alberta.


  1. We have found Wal-Mart parking lots handy for overnighter's while traveling from points A to B. Very handy to have everything in one spot plus the big parking lots are big rig friendly. When we leave here in a couple weeks our first overnighter wil probably be a Wal-Mart somewhere north of Indianappolis. Great pics of Hailey. Pets are sooooooo entertaining:))

  2. Luckily you have enough tires to get away from that dreaded HST at least before you have to replace something. But don't hurry home we have a couple of inches of snow here in Cremona.