Sunday, October 10, 2010

Westward Bound

CIMG2144 Wild turkeys invaded the yard the last day I was there.


While still in the area north of Castlegar, BC, we took the opportunity to visit Ainsworth Hot Springs one morning, and spent much of the afternoon hiking in Kokanee Provincial Park.  Not sure if the park was named after the beer, or vice versa ;-). 


 CIMG2154 CIMG2155 CIMG2156 CIMG2170

We hiked the Old Growth trail which had large cedars that were several hundred years old, then drove to the end of the road at Gibson Lake, where the trail to Slocan Chief Cabin begins. CIMG2176 CIMG2177

And no, none of these photos is upside down – it is the reflection in the lake.

 CIMG2184 CIMG2185 CIMG2187 CIMG2189 CIMG2196 CIMG2197 CIMG2198

From there, it was westbound through Castlegar, Grand Forks, Osoyoos, and eventually into a friend’s driveway in Peachland for the night.CIMG2199 CIMG2202 CIMG2204 

The next day it was over the mountain pass towards Merritt.  But a shortcut to the Coquihalla highway beckoned, and my backroads mapbook showed some likely looking camp spots along the way. Harmon lake seemed like a good spot to stop, well off the beaten path.  Hailey got to teach a young squirrel a thing or two about predators, but no one was hurt in the process!  She also checked out the lakeshore with great interest.

CIMG2213 CIMG2214 CIMG2216 CIMG2217 CIMG2218 CIMG2220 CIMG2223 

And, being inquisitive like she is, discovered a new hideout in the camper! CIMG2226

Next – on to Vancouver Island!


  1. Noticed you have the same 'Butternut' design in your Rockwood that we had in ours. Your floor layout is different but same company & your fiver looks just like our's did from the front. Peachland rang an old distant memory bell for me but I can't remember the memory anymore:(( I have always missed BC since leaving there!!

  2. Great picture of the very large tree. Stay safe.