Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Arizona bound. (And famous neighbours!)

It was a really enjoyable stay near Borrego Springs.  The weather was superb, no wind, lots of places to hike and explore, and lots of like-minded company out in the desert.

But is was time to move on, so we reluctantly did a tour of the area, bidding farewell to the mostly BC folks we had been sharing campfires and tales with for the past three weeks.  We saddled up and rode down the trail to the ‘water and dump and fuel’ store in Salton City, and then skirted the Mexican border on our way into Yuma.  It was a bit of culture shock, going from nearly deserted desert to a busy RV park just east of Yuma.  But it is an annual visit not to be missed with my cousins who were due to head north shortly.  We made the best of the ‘free’ electricity and ran the vacuum around the rig, and pondered the use of the microwave.  The weather was nice there, so did a couple of flights on the edge of town.


My flights attracted a curious crowd, who wanted to know how that thing worked!


Before you knew it, I had been talked into a few photos of a golfing party at the resort.


While in Yuma, the truck announced that it was time for an oil change, so that was taken care of, as well as some pricing out of windshields and tires for future reference.

After a few days of the ‘RV park life’, it was time to get back out into the desert again.  I had heard rumours of a Wandering Willy guy who might be hiding out near Bouse somewhere, so we approached cautiously, then sent up the craft for some aerial reccon.P1221085

Sure enough, he was spotted trying to hide between a saguaro and a palo verde tree.  So we moved into the neighbourhood and then spent a day or so checking out the deals at the nearby RV show in Quartzsite.  Traffic was a bit of a zoo, but it was sure a lot nicer to be able to camp away from all that where it was quiet.  Bought me a little ‘sticky pad’, used to hold a phone or glasses on the dash of a vehicle.  But it had a foreign origin, where translation services must be a bit lacking!!  Check this out.  Read the whole thing!  Must be an unemployed  English-speaking 5 year old somewhere that they could contract for their translation services?


A couple days of nice weather provided the opportunity to check out the area around camp without leaving home.  Hailey wanted to know if there were any coyotes in the area, and I wanted to check out the hiking/scrambling possibilities close by.


Being security conscious, a regular watch was kept for any visitors that might attempt to penetrate the perimeter of the camp.


Sure enough, the efforts were rewarded when who do we spot approaching, but the (drum roll) world famous – Al & Kelly, and Cora a Pheebs, of the Bayfield Bunch!


Since my ‘readers’ were telling me that they could find out more about my activities by reading other blogs, this has finally forced me to provide an update.  It was great to see them all again, and to meet Pheebs for the first time.  She is every bit as friendly and nice as I had anticipated.  During the introduction process with Hailey, I put her on top of my truck where she could see and be seen without suffering the indignity of any doggy licks, and reduce the chance of any dogs losing a nose to a nasty claw swipe.  All was going well, till little Cora saw the open door of my camper and decided to check for any stray dog treats inside.  In a flash Hailey was off the truck and charged inside to defend her home against the invasion!  I followed and intervened before any fur flew or blood was shed.


So now here I am, camped between the ultimate blogger, the Bayfield Bunch, and the reluctant blogger Wandering Willy, who we are trying to convince to update his blog at least every few months.  He has not updated for 10 months, but who is counting …

Looked out the window this morning, and thought I was still blogging, as there was Al and Pheebs out for a morning stroll.  Kind of like living next to movie stars!  For ‘good’ photos of the area, check out their blog.  We hope they are planning to stay around for a few days or longer.


  1. I like the idea of the chopper to check out the area, but I think it prob cost more than I am willing to spend.

  2. Amazing arial photos. It is very interesting to see what can be done.

    Bev in NS Canada

  3. Amazing arial photos. It is very interesting to see what can be done.

    Bev in NS Canada

  4. Haily the watch cat! Who knew? Great pictures. Given the proximity to the border I would be sure to check for 'no fly' zones. Not sure all the drone missles are being used overseas! Cheers Duane (FF - FF)

  5. Love your ariel shots, I am an old rotor head from my Navy days, would love to see your craft, post a picture if you can. Maybe some day I will meet up with you if we ever get west. Be safe out there Sam & Donna. PS Say Hi to Willy for me been wandering how he was doing.

  6. Great aerial photos. Gives a whole new perspective to the area.

    Nice that Motor and Hailey did not come to blows. What a watch-cat!!

  7. Great aerial photos. Gives a whole new perspective to the area.

    Nice that Motor and Hailey did not come to blows. What a watch-cat!!

  8. Good job finding Willy! I love the sticky pad instruction - what a hoot!