Monday, January 16, 2012

Gettin’ Off Road in Borrego

But first, it was time to check out the newest sculptures in the area and ones that I had not previously discovered.  There must be several hundred different sculptures scattered in all directions from the town of Borrego Springs.

Collectively, they are called Galleta Meadow Estates.  It is private land, but you are allowed to camp, hike, and explore the area to your heart’s content.P1120858P1120851P1120848P1120850P1120853P1120854

One of the newest is this 350’ long serpent, that appears to cross under the road you are driving along!  There are a total of five segments making up this massive structure.P1120857P1120855P1120856P1120878

After a good day of hiking and scrambling in the rough off-trail areas, the feet needed a day off, so it was time to go for a cruise and see what else we could find within a few miles of camp.  I started off checking out the Arroyo Salado campsite, just off highway S22.  But the road down the wash kept on going, and going ….


So we did too.  Hailey was likely glad she was not along, as it got a bit rough at times.  There are some incredible formations in this wash.


Eventually this route joins up with the Truckhaven Trail, and the going gets considerably rougher.  There were a few spots where you definitely would not want to meet another vehicle!

Driving the wash


  1. Haven't seen that latest Dragon sculpture yet. He seems to add new one's each year. Pretty neat eh. I know where that truck haven area is but we just haven't got up around that way yet. Looks kinda groovy:))

  2. that dragon is amazing...and so is that road!!

  3. Oh wanted to ask, how did you get the little REPLY to the comments to be added to your comment boxes?

  4. Amazing! art in the desert for the sake of art. Ivan you do find interesting things thanks