Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gettin’ High!

There are plenty of great ‘official’ hikes to be explored in the Borrego area and Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, but there are almost limitless possibilities by just heading out into the desert or up the nearest mountain range.  The distances are quite deceiving however, and a short hike often turns out to be quite a bit more than expected.  Aptly named Coyote mountain is one such challenge. This Google Earth view shows the irrigated groves of oranges, grapefruit, and lemons to the west and Clark Dry Lake to the east, where many of the RV folks stake out their spaces in the sun. image

On several occasions, I have hiked up the various ridges, and have always been amazed by the variety of terrain, hidden canyons and ridges that cannot be seen from below.


Some of the Ocotillo cactus were starting to bloom.P1110795P1110797P1110799

Looking eastward toward the camping area.P1110800

Clark Dry lake.


Flying weather has been good as well, providing some more good photo ops.  This shot was taken from directly above our camp.  I think the space shuttle waved as they went by Winking smile.


Looking north toward Clark Dry lake.


And, to the south west towards the town of Borrego Springs.


Lower slopes of Coyote Mountain.P1120827

Three weeks at Borrego … and counting!


  1. There's some nice hiking paths at the lower end of Coyote Mountain behind Peg Leg Smiths. Two years ago there were some nice Inukshuks up there but last year I noticed someone had destroyed them. People eh!!

  2. I enjoy coming bck to your blogs looking at the photos. I hope I get the chance to travel around Australia and capture my own... love it!