Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Snow and Company–Here and gone.

I’d just settled into my latest camp – which just happened to be both a model aircraft flying field and a hot air balloon landing zone, when the weather forecast was for ‘snow’ (!) and rain. One of the pilots advised me that the forest access road turns to impassable muck if it rains a lot, and that the road may be closed as well.  CIMG7651

I was well stocked with all the necessities and would not really have minded being marooned, but I was expecting some company from the north country and did not want to risk missing them if I was stuck.  So, we reluctantly packed up and spent a couple days as ‘transients’ around paved areas in Cottonwood.  It was miserable and cold, but at least it did not last long.


Anders, Dianne and dog Timber from the frozen north seemed to have brought this weather with them, which was poor timing on their part.  We quickly warmed up the hiking boots, but the first days hiking was done in the snow.

Sedona in snow from the airport viewpoint.P3202278

The weather rapidly returned to normal and we spent a lot of time exploring some of the numerous hiking trails in the area.


Morning routine at this camp includes watching the balloons come over just at sunrise, then land just over the hill.



A few side trips in the area included a visit to Tuzigoot NM where I saw a few donkeys or burros, and a stop at the Page Springs Fish Hatchery,


where they have a lot of fish of various ages that eventually will be stocked all over the state.


The sky cam has been busy as well, with a top down view of the Chapel of the Holy Cross; click the link for the ‘usual’ views.


Some other views of Cathedral rock, and some of the real estate around Oak Creek, just outside of Sedona.


There were a few ravens nesting on the cliffs above Sedona, so we went up for a closer look.


Since the calendar is trying to tell us that it has been two weeks in this area, I think it is time to hook up and head for somewhere else.  Come on along!


  1. I enjoy your aerial photos. That area looks gorgeous.

  2. great pictures again Ivan, that is such a beautiful area, we would like to revisit.

  3. Looks like your cat have more adventures than I've had in my whole life:) Thank You for your blog! Greetings from Russia!