Sunday, March 11, 2012

To Wickenburg, and back.

Talk about slack!  Keeping the blog up to date seems to be so difficult.  Of course, if I don’t have any decent photos to post, so then what’s the point?

After enjoying the stay at Oak Flat campground east of Superior, we hooked up and headed through Phoenix over to the opposite side, into the Wickenburg area.  Not sure if Phoenix has good roads, or if I have just picked the right times to travel, or if I am just lucky, but I have found that cruising right through on the various loop roads has been clear sailing and stress-free, with the help of GPS to navigate.  Can’t say the same for LA, San Francisco, or (sometimes) Seattle.

We did a drive-by of the BLM location where the Bayfield Bunch have been hanging out, but it did not strike our fancy as being too far from any mountains.  So we ended up in a horsey camp off Vulture Peak road to the south.  I guess I did not find the area too visually appealing, as I apparently did not take any photos of my camp there.  But I did take photos of the neighbours cats there, including one that has his own Facebook page – Tigger the Serval.P3031928P3031931

I haven’t told Hailey, in case she wants her own FB page!

Managed to fatally injure a trailer tire somewhere on the backroads around there, so had to replace a brand new one Sad smile.

We didn’t stay at this RV park, but it shows the typical western/horsey nature of the whole Wickenburg area.  We did get a propane fill there, however.


While we were there, my sister and her husband came down for a few days, so we toured up to the Prescott area one day before they headed up to the Grand Canyon.  On their return we cruised through the Phoenix area again and set up camp just outside Apache Junction.


From there, I took them on a loop tour out the Apache Trail past Tortilla Flat, Canyon Lake, Apache Lake, Roosevelt Lake, and back through Globe and Superior.


We also stopped for a look at the cliff dwellings at Tonto National Monument.


Superstition Mountain

Ms Hailey testing out her new bed, and comparing it to the sink.


Being in the sink was actually a hint for me that I should leave some water in it for her!


I’m in no rush to head for home, but some of the snowbirds have already started to fly north. Wandering Willy, Jean and Skip are already well on the way north.  Of course they live near the BC coast, so they won’t likely have to contend with any snow when they get home – unlike some of us out in the mountains of Alberta.  I think John and Brenda are still around till the end of the month.

I promise I won’t be so long with the next posting – in fact, I will do it now, and let it publish in a day or two!


  1. Glad it was you doing that driving back & forth through Phoenix & not me. That's a pretty spiffy new bed Hailey has, & it looks like she loves it. WW should be home tomorrow. One down, two to go:))