Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chillin’ in the Desert near Borrego Springs


Sunrise near Borrego Springs!


Not too much newsworthy stuff going on here, as we have just settled into the simple routine of life in the desert.  Some days, it’s out for a hike, or a scramble up a mountain, others it is a run into town for some groceries or a coffee.

Other days we just hang out in camp enjoying the 360* scenery, or using up some of the old fuel in the honda generator on the day when it rained all day.  Without my usual Canadian satellite TV this year, the DVD’s on loan from friends in Desert Hot Springs are getting watched more; either on the big screen and the 5 speaker sound surround, or on the little portable player.

During the day, there is the occasional vehicle that goes by on Rockhouse road, which we are camped nearby, but little to no sound reaches us from the main highway.

There is really no one else close here at all, so I have it all to myself.  PC197030

Many campers are jammed into the ‘PegLeg Smith’ area for some reason.  I guess they like company, road noise, and dust?  No one I know camps there.  But I have figured out why no one else camps near me …  Many of them rely on cell phone signals for their internet, and the signal really drops off in this area, so they tend to congregate nearer to the road where they can get online.  I have satellite internet, so it makes no difference to me.  Here’s where some of the gang are camped, as viewed from above my neighbourhood.  All are from BC, except RV Sue.

Jean and Skip pulled in a couple days ago, and John & Nicole yesterday.  Martin and Gaye were already here, sporting a new trailer.



Last year, we hiked down into a canyon called ‘The Slot’ a few miles to the south east of BS.  This year we found the Palm Slot along the road out to Salton City.


Take it easy, all you ‘distracted driving’ fanatics, we were parked on a lookout, looking down at the Borrego valley.PC166995



Here’s a video of my ‘home entertainment’ system at work!

While I have yet to see a rattlesnake or scorpion during my time in the desert ( I think they all take the ‘winter’ off), there are still some hazards out there for the unwary.  This is what can happen when you walk just a bit too close to a local cactus.


I had another video for this edition, but it was taking too long to load, so it got scrapped.

Merry Christmas out there.




  1. Surprised to see Hailey actually return the toy to you. Do you keep those upper cabinets open and empty for her to climb around and sleep in there. Merry Christmas to you.

  2. Gotta love those hikable slot canyons. Thought I saw Spike & Bridget playing with Louie, Sophie, & big Jake in one of those aerial photos:)) I've never understood why those people crowd into Peg Leg Smiths when there is so much room just round the corner. Must be a security thing for those people. Cold here this morning again....34F:(( But, no wind:))

  3. Love those aerial photos! I could use that technique to find where Spike has snuck off to . . .

  4. Don't think I've ever seen a cat play fetch before. Good exercise for her.

  5. Didn't you tell Hailey she wasn't a dog? Loved your photos, found you thru RVSue.

  6. Very cool shots of the sunset & boondocking area! When you first parked we wondered how you managed to get internet all the way over there. Now we know! Satellite can be very handy.

  7. Your photos are just beautiful. I hope to be traveling to the Southwest next year.