Monday, December 3, 2012

Trekking Southbound

After leaving our spot in the Whitmore hot springs area, a few stops in Bishop were in order, most notably fuel, groceries, and a few hardware items to re-fasten an area of underbelly cover on the rig that was starting to sag down.  By that time, we had wasted enough of the day that we could start to look for another overnight spot.  Noting that Keough hot springs was just south of town, it seemed prudent to check it out at least.  While there is a commercial version of the hot springs and a camping area to go with it, it was the natural version that was of most interest.  They were easy to find following the signs off hwy 395, but random camping options seemed to be limited by the quantity of nasty signs declaring that this was City of LA property, and that camping was not permitted.


I found this somewhat strange, given that the city of LA is at least 200 miles away … but, whatever.  Eventually we found a quiet spot that appeared to be on National Forest land, that also appeared to be a shooting range and dumping ground for unwanted freezers, couches, and empty shotgun shells.(Hmmm, perhaps we are close to a big city …)  In the morning, we had a quick dip back at the hot springs, but found them more like warm springs, and right under high voltage lines that continually buzzed and snapped.  I think perhaps the commercial springs just above takes much of the hot water during the day and lets it run free at night, so it may well be better at other times?  Either way, it won’t go down on my top 10 list.

Back on the road, we did check out the excellent ‘dispersed camping’ possibilities in the ‘Alabama Hills’ near Lone Pine.

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It is a beautiful, scenic area (where lots of movies were filmed), but it was early in the day and the forecast high winds were picking up, so the wheels just kept rolling along.  We were fighting a very strong headwind as we headed south, and had to stop at the junction of 395 & 58 to pour in my 5 gallons of reserve diesel to we could make it to the slightly cheaper fuel ahead in Barstow.

My California back roads map book showed a large area of potentially good random camping south of Barstow, so off we went again.  Some of the areas are open to ATV’s, and some aren’t, so you have a choice of dust and noise, or peace and quiet.  At least on the weekends.  Tough choice.


After a bit of looking around, we found an ideal spot to spend a few days.  Soon, the little grey mountain lion was out practicing her rock climbing skills.


For you climbing folks; note that she was ‘on belay’ at all times!


The planned repair of the underbelly cover worked very well, with the result ‘better than new’, as they say.  And it really does make things easier when you bring all your tools with you, as Croft noted recently when his fridge door fell off. 

‘Not Much’ from the Bayfield Bunch yesterday Winking smile.

That’s the way I feel most of the time, but every now and again I get enthused enough to make another post.  Not sure how Al keeps up the pace with a great post every day! 

But he has the yard at Congress almost under control now – I wonder if they are going to hit the road for some short trips, or just sit back and admire all their good work.

Well, I have some important things to do today, so I’d better get at them.  Just as soon as I figure out what they are.  Or, I could just take the day ‘off’!


  1. Better take the day off. You sound absolutely overworked ☺☺☺

  2. Got some day trips & a Jeep tour or two planned but will probably be after Christmas sometime before we plan any 'big wheels' stuff. Too bad you missed Lone Pine & the Alabama Hills....nice place.