Monday, December 16, 2013

Borrego Springs–Spoiler alert!

All of us who spend time in the desert boondocking near Borrego Springs – also know about the excellent Arco station in Salton City at the junction of S22 and Highway 86.  It has a dump site, water, fuel, propane, food, and almost anything else an Rv’er could need.  Until now, the multi-lane dump site has been Free!  Well, it looks like the good times have ended!


I just drove on my way to Borrego, and it was obvious there had been a change.  ;-(

After a couple of fun weeks in Lake Havasu area, and almost a week out around Bouse (Quartzsite), the wheels were rolling again. ‘West’ won the coin toss at the intersection after topping off the tank with Arizona diesel, and having the Kozyworld propane heater quickly serviced for $20 at RV Lifestyles where I had bought it several years ago. 


California ‘customs’ checkpoint was not staffed, so after another quick stop in Blythe to visit the recycling center, it was westbound on I-10 into California.  I wanted to visit JoshuaTree National Park again, and there is a thin strip of open BLM land between the interstate and the park boundary,so that is where I joined several other rigs for a few days.  It is kind of a long drive coming into the park this way, and the extreme rock formations and the namesake Joshua trees do not show up till well into the high country.


But it is wide open and scenic nevertheless, and portions of the route sport brand-new pavement on the very curvy route.  I drove up the the Keys view lookout again for a great view out over the Coachella Valley, with Salton Sea, Palm Springs, Indio, and other valley communities all within view.


Hailey had decided to come with me for the day, since it was not too warm to spend short periods alone in the truck.  At Skull Rock viewpoint, we were surprised to meet another traveling cat – also on a leash. IMG_9741 It was a female orange tabby, and there was only minor hissing during the introductions.  The other cat’s servant was able to photograph the meeting, but Hailey’s ‘servant’ was too busy guarding against a possible cat fight that I managed none.  I was just putting Hailey back into the truck after the introductions when a bicycle camper stopped beside me.  Sure enough, on a trailer behind his bike with all the camping gear, was his traveling cat – in a spacious carrier.  He said he had been on the road for 10 months now with his cat!  Once again, no photos till they were leaving.IMG_9742

A few rock climbers were out testing their skills.IMG_9760

I did the short hike to the old Barker Dam, but it was already getting late, as the days are pretty short this time of year, so after that it was the long drive back down the hills to the south entrance.



We also spent a few days ‘urban camping’ in Desert Hot Springs, but that was just visiting and catching up with friends from back home, so did not take any photos of note.


Just pulling in to find my spot at Borrego Springs, right away I saw Martin and Gaye in their usual spot, Jean & Skip were right there, Wheeling It was not far away, and Sassy’s on ‘Da Road was right beside them as well.  Who knows who else is in the area when I start to look around a bit!  IMG_9720


  1. Nice report on the CA desert area. Too bad about the dump. Thanks for all the pix. That Hailey is soooo cute.

  2. Starting to think maybe you ran into Wandering Willy over there in California and he talked you into stealth blogging. Not that I should talk.