Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Month, new State, new Camp …


Lights of Laughlin, Nevada from across the river near Bullhead City, ArizonaPB149327PB149326

We turned the map around this time and when we headed out, it was at least in the right direction for this time of year – south!

Heading south on 95, the four lane, divided highway suddenly became a two lane road, with gravel shoulders.  For a second there, I thought I was in Ontario!  But no, this time it was just crossing the California line as we eventually rolled down in and through Needles.  Then it was back across the Colorado river and into Arizona.  A turn south again on the Arizona portion of 95 led straight down into Lake Havasu, which is also a lake formed by a dam on the Colorado – this time the Parker Dam a few miles further south.  I have often camped in the Craggy Wash BLM area just north of Lake Havasu City, but in recent years they have restricted the camping to start a minimum of mile off the highway, and where I like to camp to avoid the crowds was about 3 miles back.  And there was some highway construction equipment working at the highway exit, so it was easier to just keep on rolling to the BLM area to the south of the city.  The first night, I stopped on the ridge top, which afforded a bit of a distant lake view, but it was breezy and exposed, so in the morning a new spot was found down below.  Still a bit of highway noise, but not too bad, and only 1/4 mile or less to get to pavement.


Lots of shopping options in Lake Havasu, so I got myself a magnetic floor sweeper at Lowes for $15, then found it later in Home Depot for $10!  Dang.  Got me a quality toaster for $15, then later found one at Kmart for $10!  Fueled up at $3.75 for diesel and once again (don’t want to jinx my streak of good luck here), but the pump requested the zip code and five zeros worked once again.  So far this trip I have not had to go inside to pay or pre-pay.  Now that I’ve said that my luck will run out for sure Winking smile. Of course, the pump must have a maximum of $75 for a credit card purchase, as it stopped when it got there.  Luckily, my tank was full, but kind of a ridiculous limit as my truck does not even have the big tank. 


After a few weeks on the road, both my T-shirts were almost ready for the wash, so I was pleased to find some very high speed internet at the Sundance Country laundromat, and a car-wash onsite to give the big GM a bath as well.  I also arranged to get a pair of magnetic door signs made up to promote my business back home.

Actually, I found the place to make the signs while I was checking out the new FlyingX saloon in downtown LHC.

Spent a couple of nights in that place later on …

But I must say that I was SHOCKED to see people and staff tossing empty beer bottles into huge garbage cans!  Is this not almost 2014??  Hello ….? We collected beer bottles from the roadside in the 60’s for refund for crying out loud. I’m no tree-hugging environmentalist, but lets get out of the dark ages here!  Even if the bottles are destined for the dump, wouldn’t it be safer, easier, cleaner to at least put them back into the case they came out of an hour ago?  End of rant.


Spent some time hiking in the SARA park area; up the ‘table (on) top’, Lizard mountain, tried to go through the ‘crack’ but the water was too deep since the recent rains.IMG_2182

Went to a McDonalds restaurant one day, and had the clerk thinking I was a magician.  Their credit card machines are all set up to read our ‘chipped’ Canadian cards but they don’t know it.  So the clerk was speechless when I nonchalantly waved my open wallet across the machine and the transaction was done!  They still have pennies and dollar bills here, too!  And you only need 347 quarters to do laundry or wash your car!  Just giving you a hard time US, we like it down here because things are cheap, the locals are friendly, and the snow is not 6 feet deep and it’s not 30 below!  And no one is skating on any of the lakes here!  But if you really miss the skating, they have a rink set up on the tennis court, with London Bridge in the background.


Speaking of lakes … I didn’t bring my kayak with me, but still managed to get out on the water one day.  For only $2.00 (that’s 8 quarters!), you can catch a catamaran shuttle across the lake to the casino on the California side, and back again.


I think it has twin 800hp diesel engines, but when they open it up out on the lake, it really moves out!  Another great deal – and you don’t even have to go in the casino when you get there.

I found myself buying a newspaper one day that cost $3.00 and must have weighed close to 3 pounds.  Of course, it was packed with ‘black friday’ ads from every business in the area.  I did check out the craziness at the Walmart, though I never bought anything there.  They had all the advertised specials laid out on pallets in the aisles – covered in plastic till the designated time.  There were four police cars outside and uniformed officers in the store!



I guess folks were ‘thankful’ for the great deals!

I did take advantage of a deal at another store in town however and purchased a new camera and lenses, so I hope the quality of some of my photos will improve.  They won’t be as good as Al’s from the Bayfield Bunch, but at least now I will be able to get ‘close’ enough to have a chance at a good shot.



  1. Wrongo! Bee-u-t-ful sunny day and only 17 below here, this morning, nowhere near -30! ... and I just finished shovelling the pond this aft (did the driveway yesterday - both really great work-outs, too, and neither of 'em cost me a cent). Bet you wish you were back up here, loser!

  2. Ivan, It's so wonderful reading about your time in that area. I adore it, there! Just so you know, there are coupons in a paper in Lake Havasu City that will give you a free ride on that boat over to California; my cousin (who lives in LHC), her friend and I used them when I visited, there. Enjoy your time! Blessings, Lynn (your fellow blogger of Life with Lynnie)

  3. Thanks for all the photos of the LHC area. It's one place I'm hoping to visit during my southwest tour. Boondocking sites are of most interest. BTW here recycling is usually sorted by type; glass, cans, cardboard, etc. So, you wouldn't mix the bottles and cardboard carriers together.

    1. In Alberta, aluminum cans, all drink bottles, cardboard and plastic milk cartons, juice boxes, plastic water bottles are all refundable - for cash. Cardboard, other plastic, other glass, tin food cans, batteries, newspaper, phone books are also recyclable. Just about every town or village has separate bins to drop off these items. Towns and some retailers recycle unwanted electronics, printers, and TV's.
      Down south, I try to recycle aluminum cans and plastic grocery bags (at grocery stores), and I have discovered that stores like Fry's Electronics have bins for small battery disposal, but sadly the rest of my stuff ends up in the trash ;-(