Sunday, December 8, 2013


As we departed from Lake Havasu after almost two weeks, the National Wildlife Refuge facilities at the south end of the lake appeared.  I have driven by for years, but never stopped in to look around.  This time was different.  There are a number of interpretive signs and an information center, and walkways down onto a narrow finger of land out into the lake.  Interestingly, one of the floating, covered docks used for fishing got caught in some recent violent winds and was flipped right upside down, dock and all.  Guess I should have taken a photo?


This nearby pumping station lifts water some7-800 feet (?) from the lake, up into pipes that tunnel through the mountain behind to get water into the Central Arizona Project waterway, that provides water to L.A. and southern Califonia.IMG_9505

After a brief stop in Parker to re-provision a little, we headed out for Bouse, and the Plomosa road area.  There were not a lot of campers yet, but we followed the wash leading behind the mountain ridge to find a very isolated spot with few neighbours and no road noise.  And with only a few scattered trees and shrubs, it has excellent solar potential, and lots of hiking and exploring opportunities.


There is lots of evidence of historic and modern mining and exploration throughout.


Just a hundred yards away, there is an open vertical mine shaft.  Even with good lights, I cannot tell how deep it goes.


This region seems to be on the edge of the huge cold spell that has hit much of the southern US, including Texas and New Mexico, so it is much cooler, but no sign of the snow or freezing rain seen elsewhere.


Went for a drive in to Quartzsite, to check out the action, or lack thereof, and to get some propane replenishment. On the section of Plomosa road within 3 miles of Highway 95 where short-term camping is permitted, I counted a total of 27 rigs.  In January, this same area will host hundreds, if not thousands of campers in the same area, and it will be impossible to count them then.  There will be multiple signs put up along the road, directing the various groups to their preferred locations.  But for now, it is all peaceful and quiet.  There are no traffic concerns in town, all the permanent businesses are open, but most of the vendors or visitors have yet to arrive.  Local politics is still in the news and in the courts, and clearly quite divisive with strong editorials and letters to the editor in the local news media.


Hailey had some luck at the shallow end of the gene pool.IMG_9514IMG_9582

Let’s see, … in other news

Almost launched an investigative mission to check on the Bayfield Bunch after a couple of days without updates, but they are just holed up staying warm, and have apparently won the present battle with the skunks! 

Paul and Nina from Wheeling It have moved!  Perhaps not physically this time, but to a new spot in cyber-space, so if you follow them, update your links.

Wandering Willy is still deep under cover in stealth mode, but rumour has it that he might be somewhere near Yuma!

RV Sue is not far north of there up at Mittry Lake, last time I checked up on her.

Crofts are holed up in Texas, waiting for the cold spell to pass.

Rick & Paulette are still planning their escape from the great white north, but found themselves temporarily stranded at the bottom of an icy hill near home.

Jean & Skip are back in Borrego Springs and enjoying the local grapefruit.

Mike, and his dog Blue from LightCurve on the Road, are hosting again at Zion National Park, but it looks a bit chilly and white there at present.

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  1. A thorough update for sure. Thanks for the report on the Q. I'm not sure if I'll go there this year. As a new full-timer, I'm told "ya gotta do it, at least once". Don't really like crowds, but I'm curious about all the hoopla.