Sunday, December 7, 2008

RoadTrip blog hits the big media!

Well, sort of!

It seems the last December 2nd post regarding bears and elk on the railroad tracks attracted the attention of the
Defenders of Wildlife!

Within a couple of days, there were stories in both of the big daily papers.

The Calgary Sun (Saturday Dec 6th) story had one of the photos from the blog - with credit, but it does not appear in the online version - above.

The Calgary Herald (Sunday Dec 7th) referred to, "A travel blogger posted images last week of the grizzly and some elk foraging along the CP tracks near the provincial border between Lake Louise and Field, B. C ", but used a file photo of a huge grizzly instead of one of my pics. Ironically, road conditions in the area prevented the delivery of any of the local papers, so I have not seen the paper versions.

Looks like the story also ran in the Regina Leader-Post!
Stop the presses: the story also ran in the Edmonton Journal.

In spite of the weather conditions, organizers managed to pull off the Women's World Cup Super-G at the ski hill after yesterdays weather-related cancellation of the downhill, with two Canadian skiers, Kelly Vanderbeek and Emily Brydon in the top 10!

Before the snow moved back in again, there were some scenic shots in the area that just begged to be captured.
These pics were taken last week about 30 km north of Lake Louise, on the Icefields Parkway.

(Remember: you can click on any image to see a larger version!)
I spent much of the day clearing snow off the driveway and sidewalk. As soon as I would finish, I would have to start all over again. There is something fundamentally wrong with this.
These rigs have WHEELS under them.
I should be more worried about parking under a tree for shade - somewhere like Crystal Hill, in the KOFA national wildlife refuge, near Quartzite, Az, or Santispac beach, Baja Sur, Mexico.

But, sadly, I was up on the roof of my fifth wheel and truck camper today, shoveling off a whole pile of snow. March can't come soon enough!

At least with the extra snow, there might be some good skiing to be had :-)

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