Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What's been happening?

Well for one thing, all the bears have NOT turned in for the winter!

And I have the video and tons of pics to prove it.The cars have not stopped hitting the ditch!
This small car failed to negotiate a curve, and did a few flips before coming to rest upright in the ditch, just short of Bath Creek.

In no time at all Sammy's Towing was on scene to yank the car out. But the roads were icy, so as soon as the RCMP showed up we got the heck out of there so we did not become part of the problem.And the World Cup ski races are half way through. The men's races are finished and Canada's John Kucera got the silver medal in the Super G, second only to the great Herman Maier.
These are all the CBC broadcast trailers and dishes set up at the base, with the downhill course in the background. (Click for full size view)
This week the women's races are on. Training runs on the weekdays and the races on the weekend. Atco trailers and budget vans are everywhere in the 'waxing village' set up at the old gondola base near town. In the wildlife world, these elk are feeding on the tracks near Field, BC.
This big Grizzly was also in the same area. He cruised the rails back to Alberta. At one point he was traveling on a parallel XC ski trail - full of unsuspecting outdoor enthusiasts!

The bruin and the skiers managed to avoid each other as he continued his eastward trek - hopefully headed for his den site somewhere in Alberta.
He was not too pleased when he kept seeing us on his trail!

Between the rails - searching for grain.

It's a bit late for him to still be out roaming around, but as long as he can find something to eat, and as long as the weather is not too cold and the snow too deep, he might keep mobile.

Check out the video taken today!

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