Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Disclaimer: This expedition ran from July 24th till August 17th, 2009, but is being blogged somewhat after the fact!

South of Bennett Lake, on the road from Carcross, Yukon to Skagway, Alaska, the scenery takes on a whole new look. This far north, the 'tundra' look is not totally unexpected, but here it is almost reversed!Normally, treeline is somewhat elevation based - the higher you go, the less trees. But in this particular valley, there are almost no trees in the valley bottom, but there are trees on the slopes above.
In the bottom of this photo you can see tracks of the White Pass & Yukon railroad.

Fraser is the 'town' at the border crossing. Well, actually it is not at the border, but it is where the Canadian Customs offices are located. I am used to seeing customs stations of respective countries within a stone's throw of each other. Well, not here! Canadian customs are several kilometers on the Canadian side of the border, and the US customs are 8 miles on the US side!
We had several views of the WP&Y trains parallel to the highway.

At the summit of the pass, we entered Alaska! The first time for me!
But this was all there was at the border. Just a sign and a request to check in 8 miles ahead!

Of course, there was a video camera watching - just in case we tried to smuggle the wrong brand of apples into the Skagway orchards!
At the border, looking down into Alaska.

There was more than one back seat driver; er navigator.
A pretty neat, one sided suspension bridge, apparently constructed almost entirely from one side of the canyon it crosses.
Ok, next post we really will reach Skagway!

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