Friday, September 18, 2009

It was July 29th when we got off the Malaspina ferry in Haines, Alaska, headed back towards Canada.
Right along the road there was a fish trap operating. likely for research purposes?
It had that 'official' look about it! It is powered by the water current flowing past it.And, a short video of it in operation.

This area is also seasonally home to a large concentration of bald eagles, though there were few in evidence during our visit.
Once again, we approached the US/Canada border.
And came to the Canada customs station where the customs officer was standing out on the pavement - with just a small table. Once again, we entered the province of British Columbia.
And headed up in to some scenic tundra areas.I was glad we had filled up the fuel tank in Haines!
Eventually, we climbed from sea level, to the Haines Highway Summit at over 3000'.
The beautiful scenery continued on all sides.
Then once again, we crossed back into the Yukon from B.C.
In lower elevation areas, the trees showed up again as we approached Dezadeah, and the lake of the same name.
Of course there was road construction ...
And pilot cars ...
Before long, we reached the southern parts of Kluane National Park.

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