Friday, January 1, 2010

From the camp spot outside of Quartzsite, the decision was made to head out - after a quick stop at the RV Pit Stop for some propane.

It was a tough decision on which direction to head, but soon the on-board navigational devices indicated that we were eastbound on I-10.
Not really being a big fan of Interstates, the first exit was taken on the secondary highway #60 towards Wickenburg. Through Salome, then veered north onto #71 towards Congress. Enroute there was a crossing of Highway #93, which incidentally starts in Jasper, Alberta, a long-term residence of mine in the past. I had followed it all the way south in the past I thought, but thought it had ended in Kingman. Since that time I have discovered that it does continue south, where it does seem to disappear for good in Wickenburg.
But I digress. Past Congress, I went looking for the trio of Ghost towns; Octave, Stanton, and Weaver. I found the road to be very wash boardy, a bit dusty, and that at least one of the ghost towns is now an RV park. Notwithstanding, I found a scenic spot to spend the night, watched a bit of TV, and enjoyed the heat from the new heater.
According to the sign, this is still an active mining/exploration area.
Back out to the highway in the morning ...
And up the big hill towards Prescott, AZ.
Over the pass of 6100', I almost felt at home when I saw a snow plow sitting on the side of the road.
Wow, this even looks a bit wintery! What am I doing here?
Though cool, the sun was shining brightly in Prescott, and there was not a cloud to be seen.
That post sprouting out of the roof of the police vehicle on the road shoulder is not a post in the background, it is the local version of photo radar. Fortunately, I don't speed, and if I did, my Tomtom flashes red to indicate such a transgression.
Having some time to enjoy the late afternoon, I went out to nearby Watson Lake Park (Google Maps link), and took a few photos as the sun went down.

(Click on any photo for a full size view)

Yes, that is ice in the bay in the foreground!

My camera saw this guy just sitting on a rock.
While the camper waited patiently.
Darkness falls early this time of year, and at this elevation it is not exactly toasty. Therefore I accepted the generous offer from a fellow RV blogger Big Sky Chef to attend a hockey game at the Tim's Toyota Arena, where he is presently employed. Check out his blog!

I thought this was a kind of Canadian pass time, till I saw the signs on the arena door!
I've never seen one of these in Canada!

Once inside, I was surprised to see a Canadian flag hanging from the rafters between the US flag and the Arizona one!!
I was there to see a meeting of the home town Arizona Sun Dogs facing off against rival Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees. When the starting lineup was announced, I noted that 3 of the five players hailed from Canada, and there were a number of players on the team from Alberta and B.C.

The home team made a great game of it, and I think outplayed the opponents, including having a great goal disallowed. But when the ice-chips settled, the opponents had one more goal on the board.

Having only an hour or so before bringing in the New Year, I found a rather urban camp spot nearby, and settled in for the night. Much to my chagrin, the new heater (as it clearly says in the instructions) is not guaranteed to work at this elevation, and kept going out. No worries - turned on the regular furnace and it was happy to heat the place up.

I settled in until loud booms and flashes erupted close by. Turns out the fireworks display for New Years was only about a block away. In one of the benefits of having a mobile bedroom, I was able to watch the fireworks display without taking my head off the pillow!

Happy New Years all! See you down the road.

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