Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Craggy Wash–Chapter 2

As expected, the fuel prices in Arizona were lower than in California, and I was glad I had managed to make the last tank go a little further to get across the state line.  I saw diesel for sale in Needles for $3.89, but I got mine in Arizona for $3.15, and I have seen it in Lake Havasu City for $3.12.

I installed my new 1000W power inverter with some huge 2guage wiring  that should be up to any challenge.  The inverter even has a USB power plug on it, and a plug for a remote on/off switch.  image

This would be a handy option if forced to install it in the ‘basement’, but then how could you access the USB plug?  I managed to get it installed in a bedroom closet with only 50” cables, but I may still look for a remote switch?

There is an interesting volcanic peak in the Craggy Wash area, so yesterday was the time to check the view from up there!


Looking back at the rig from the first ridge section.


The summit itself was doable as a scramble, but there was no sense in tempting fate when hiking alone, so I found a good spot for a view and lunch.


Looking down toward the highway and the Colorado River, with much of Craggy Wash BLM camping area in the foreground.


After coming back down on the other side, I found an old trail that ran right around the whole mountain, so I hiked back to camp the long way, taking photos from the various angles.


A survey stake along the way.  The $250 fine for removal was no doubt a lot of money back in 1915!CIMG2726CIMG2729CIMG2689

Back in camp, I found Hailey a bit bored by one of her orange mice, so she got to go outside for a while under close supervision – to do her ‘mountain lion’ impression!CIMG2730CIMG2707

Her usual travel position when driving is on my lap, but when parked, she likes to get up on the dash and work on her ‘Harley’ imitation.  Someday she might be on the header of the blog as well as the big guy, who passed away 2 years ago this month.  Still miss ya, Harley.CIMG2704CIMG2698


  1. That looks like a great spot to stay and the hiking sure gives one a grand view. Safe Travels

  2. You always have such interesting pictures on your blog.