Saturday, December 18, 2010

Trapped in the dark!

The pain started to subside after I pulled my hand out of the cupboard!  I had reached into the dark depths to retrieve something when an instant searing pain shot through my thumb!  I guess it is time to remove the mouse traps, now that there is not sign of any further culprits!  We had just returned late from a day trip to Lake Havasu and I had reached in to the cupboard in the dark to find some food for Hailey when the trap got me square on the thumbnail.  So far, it has not turned black or blue.

The weather is still a mixed bag, but generally cooler and overcast, so I decided to head back into Lake Havasu and have the brakes checked.  They had been doing a lot of squeaking lately, and I did not want to do any further damage if they were in need of repair.  Fortunately, as I had hoped, they were just fine and I just had some dust or gravel in them from some of the off road driving we have been doing.


On the way back, we followed the scenic route along the edge of the Colorado river – thick with State Parks, RV parks, and houses on both the California and Arizona sides of the river.


Back at camp I set about solving some little mysteries.

Why do newspapers always end up crumpled and strewn about the floor?


Why do various wires and cords look like they have been through a shredder?


Why are my hands always covered in scratches?


Finally got the mountain bike out from behind the seat and did a bit of riding.  So far, no flat tires from thorns or burrs.  This area is not bad for either, but I tried to stick to safe areas and roadways to reduce the risk.  A few years ago I got two flat tires riding my bike right in Yuma.  Since then I have gotten the puncture resistant tubes and been a little more selective where I ride.

BTW, the coyotes had us pretty much surrounded this morning as they were singing the coyote version of Christmas caroling!  I saw quite a few the other night when I pulled out the big spotlight, but it was just a bit too dim this morning to make them out, and I was not getting out of bed to look for them.


This unknown black cat visited yesterday.  I don’t know if it is wild, or a stray, but it must have learned how to avoid the plentiful coyote population, because there are very few trees to climb for an escape.

CIMG2897It’s a bit overcast and breezy today, so I think it might be a good day to explore the area of Alamo Lake State Park!CIMG2898


  1. If the cause of the newspaper, scratches and cord problems, would get busy, then you could avoid the moue trap on the fingers. Maybe that would solve all problems at once. :)

  2. Ivan,years ago there was a free boondocking spot at the east end of Alamo lake.
    You might want to check that out.

  3. Ivan,years ago there was a free boondocking spot at the east end of Alamo lake.
    You might want to check that out.