Monday, December 6, 2010

Hangin’ at Havasu


Not too much new to report, having been stationary for over a week now at Lake Havasu.

But saving some money by not fueling the truck and getting a few things done.  My battery compartment has needed some work for quite some time.  I removed all the batteries and boxes  from the rig.


Then, using the finest carpentry skills, a chainsaw, and a piece of plywood I had been carrying around, I fashioned a new base to go into the battery compartment.CIMG2747CIMG2748

Then, the batteries all got put in a new plastic container, complete with outside venting holes, and new wiring.  I have four 6 volt batteries, but am only using two at present, as one pair are older and of suspect quality, and I don’t want them dragging the new ones down to their level.CIMG2750CIMG2751

The whole job was supervised, of course!CIMG2745

One day we took a drive down to Parker dam.  CIMG2759CIMG2760CIMG2761CIMG2762

We crossed over back into California then drove up the west side to a place called Black Meadow Landing.

CIMG2764Along the way there were some wild burros hanging out along the road.CIMG2765CIMG2766There are lots of caves and arches and holes in the mountains of the area – some of obvious human origin.  This one short mine shaft was at roadside.CIMG2770CIMG2769


We found one outdoor flea market in Parker later that day, and the next day a much larger one in Lake Havasu.

After that I took Hailey to the beach where she had fun sliding down the banks of sand, and watching the ducks offshore.


Must have tired her out as she slept all the way home!CIMG2773

My camp spot is way past where most of the rigs are set up, and has therefore been very quiet with lots of privacy.  It is also somewhat out of the main wash – which provides more hours of sun on the solar panel, as well as nice sunrises and sunsets.



  1. Looks like you are tucked into a nice area. We have been to Parker but not as far as Havasu. You must have had your finest grade cutting blade on that chainsaw to make those fine intricate & precise cuts to the plywood:))