Saturday, July 28, 2012

Continuing East

A quick stop was in order at Terrace Bay to check out the falls and the beach.  It was also an opportunity to do a bit of flying …


Finding a quiet spot to camp that night was a little ‘rougher’ than usual.  In fact, we needed 4x4 low range to get up the little goat path to a couple of communication towers with a great view of the lake and of Marathon.P7254866P7254867P7254869P7254870

We checked out Cove beach near Marathon,


then went out to Pukaskwa NP to check out the scenery and the government cutbacks.  Apparently, 8 positions were cut there, which is a lot for a very small park like that.  My friend who worked there has moved on to greener pastures.


There must have been a sale on ‘24 HR Video Surveillance’ signs near Montreal river!


Getting kind of used to the gravel shoulders – and 90 speed limits in Ontario, but it sure makes it challenging to pull off the road to let all the speeding traffic go.  And, they sure are strict about their ‘propane’ rules around here Winking smile

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  1. Marathon rings a distant bell for me but just can't seem to pull the long ago file out of the cobwebs. Been many years since I have been up through Northern Ontario but your photos remind me about much of what I can remember.