Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July–moving right along!

We made it right across southern Saskatchewan – without turning the steering wheel!  But it did feel a bit like being on a boat some times, with all the rocking and rolling.

We stopped at the provincial visitor centre near Maple Creek, but their internet service was down.  But they did have free highway maps, and I finally found some Canadian Flag decals to put on the front of my rigs – like the Bayfield Bunch!

Fuel prices weren’t half bad in Sask, but the dragonfly population is doing well.  It was like driving through a continuous flock of them for miles.  I really felt sorry for the occasional motorcyle I saw – specially the ones without windshields or full-face guards!

By driving slow on the secondary roads, I was able to keep my mileage way down to a decent 13.5l/100km, which is over 20mpg (Canadian).P7174547

Finally hosed off the Alberta mud at a carwash in Carlyle – lots of pressure – they must be used to mud here!  Checked out the Lion’s campground in town – $25, then the FREE campsite in Manor including water and electricity.  But I need neither, so carried on and found a quiet spot off the highway on a section of abandoned railroad grade that provide the peace and quiet that I did want.P7174548P7174549P7174550

Before I knew it the next day, I found myself in Manitoba!  I may be forgetting something, but I do not recall being here in the last 30 years or so?  Being a secondary highway (#2), the ‘welcome to Manitoba’ sign was a one-poster, and I’m still looking for the free map and info centre!  And, I don’t recall seeing gravel shoulders on a paved road for a while …  I suspect they still have some of those in Ontario, though?

I found heat, and humidity in Souris, with peacocks roaming the town!  And according to Gasbuddy, the fuel prices are not that much different here in the major centers.P7184552

Can’t believe that I am on the road in Manitoba instead of being at the Dogpound Rodeo!!  Of course John & Brenda decided to skip the rodeo as well, but they are only in Europe, not Manitoba!

It’s Hailey’s first trip to Manitoba and east, but we are looking forward to a good time …

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  1. Yep, paved roads with gravel shoulders are the norm here in Ontario.