Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Finding Thunder Bay

Someone had better tell my GPS that Thunder Bay is NOT anywhere near Windsor!!  Don’t worry, I wasn’t fooled and found it all on my own.  Even if I was in the wrong time zone!

Since my iPhone changed time automatically based on the cell tower it picks up, my phone had changed to Ontario time while still in Manitoba.  Part way across, it changed back to Manitoba time, because much of western Ontario is on Mb time, much like eastern BC is on Alberta time.  Confused?  Now it’s back on Ontario time.  And Saskatchewan – can’t find daylight saving time. Gadgets!!


What’s with construction zones on the highway?  I came through one in Sask, with no flag persons at all, and heavy equipment and trucks all over the place.  We just kind of wound our way through without incident.  I guess that’s what they do there – just use common sense!

Ontario has me confused a bit (though I am getting used to the gravel road shoulders and the quaint cable & post ‘guardrails’).  In their construction zones, I have not seen a speed sign anywhere, however the ‘normal’ 90km signs are still visible.  What’s with that?  Not common sense rearing it’s head again I hope? 

Brick buildings.  You hardly ever see one out west.

Other stuff.  Combines were running in Manitoba.  It’s still July, last time I checked.

Governments.  All crazy, I think.  Ontario built a fancy new ‘welcome’ info centre near the Manitoba border, but decided not to open it – so it has been sitting empty for years …

There are lots of lakes in Ontario (understatement of the year).  I found this one to be a perfect spot for a swim on a hot day in July!


It takes some searching, but I found a nice lake front camp spot on Lake Wabigoon!


In Dryden, I moved the Walmart.  Well, at least I moved the location on the Walmart app on the iPhone.

When I smelled the pulp mill I felt homesick for Hinton, Ab (sorry Murray!) – Not!

They have a ‘government’ suspension bridge in Dryden.  It is a beautiful bridge.


It’s just like a government promise.  ‘Looks good’, but leads – nowhere!P7224661P7224660P7224662P7224663


  1. Your campsite by the water is the kind I only seem to dream about! Beautiful.

  2. Pretty sure we've got maps from the Ontario 'Welcome Centre' at the Manitoba border in the last year or two. Maybe they were on an 'off' day???

  3. Right on the Trans Canada highway east of Dryden is a little burg of a place called Oxdrift & I went to a little one room school house with the smell of Dryden's pulp & paper mill in my nose every morning. It was the mid 50's & my Stepfather was a heavy equipment operator helping build the Trans Canada highway through there. We lived in a trailer on a farm. Your post of many lakes brought those memories flooding back for me this morning.

  4. Ummmm, Oxdrift is 'WEST' of Dryden. Ooooops