Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lake Superior

I think I mentioned that Ontario has a couple lakes.  And, on those lakes, there are a ‘couple’ cabins!  And a couple of beaches, each with a few grains of sand, if you get my drift Winking smile.

BTW, is there anyone in Ontario who does NOT have a cabin at a lake?  Just checking …

But the problem is, when you are driving on the roads along the lakeshores, often you are only able to glimpse these cabins through the trees, and rarely do you get to see any water ;-(

Enter my secret weapon, the Draganfly!

A few photos from a small island in Lake Superior.

(sorry Bayfield Bunch, no straightened horizons!)


Then, I spotted this guy standing on this viewpoint over the lake, staring up at a small helicopter hovering over the water.P7244723

Towards evening, it was time to start scouting for the perfect campsite.  Rossport was firmly in our sights.


There were quite a number of good possibilities, even some on Nicol Island!


For a second there, I thought I was near the Mexican border, as this looks like one of the commonly used devices the border patrol uses down there to ‘sweep’ the roads and trails so they can spot the tracks of any UDA’s.(Undocumented aliens)

But this one was just being used for road maintenance.  Of course, with the US just across the lake, maybe there are UDA’s here too Winking smile.P7244741P7244745P7244746

We finally settled on the perfect spot.P7244747P7244751P7244749P7244752P7244753P7244754

Like her predecessor Harley – here watching for whales on the Baja coast in about ‘06 …


Hailey got in on the action to see if there were any whales in Superior.


Whale watching is tiring work!


In the evening the weather was sunny and calm, and the lake was virtually calm.  In the morning it was overcast, but with only a slight breeze the waves built up quickly, and were soon pounding on the shore.  And this shoreline is relatively protected by offshore islands.  Glad I’m not out on the main lake.

Well, time to track down some wi-fi so you can read this …


  1. Ivan, nice photos, keep going... What is your next destination?

  2. Enjoy your photos always, and your comments regarding Hailey are so perfect for pictures, LOL