Monday, March 12, 2007

New visitors to the blog from Germany (Mebach, Hessen), which I think is near Frankfurt (?), more visitors from Beijing, China, one from Brazil, but I think I know who that is, and a new visitor from Guamchil, Sinaloa Mexico!

We spent a night camped actually over the water in North Bend, Oregon. We were on an old wharf area which is now part of the parking area for the Old Mill Casino. Harley was keen to go on a stroll around the campground right next door - perhaps to get all the fifi dogs upset!

It rained some during the night, but cleared by morning and there were Canada geese on hand to serenade us from the river.
It rained much of the day as we headed north, so there did not seem to be much point in heading over to Whidbey Island, which is our usual route. Instead we carried on into Seattle and took up residence in a quiet area near the Fry's store. Didn't need or buy anything, but spent about 3 hours inside, looking at cools stuff we'd missed last time.

Then it was northbound again. The truck had been indicating for a few days that it would be a good time for an oil change, so we stopped in Bellingham and took care of that. More rain and crappy weather, so we pushed on to the border and entered Canada for the first time in 2007.

Petsmart provided some fresh fare for the furry one, as well as a nearby spot to sit out the rain and high winds. We had been getting more and more wind coming north from Seattle as the rain diminished. For once the strong wind was from the rear! Other than more than a few unexpected lane changes, we were none the worse for wear, and it likely helped the gas mileage. It did limit the mouse and butterfly hunting opportunities for the very vocal co-pilot, however.

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