Sunday, March 9, 2008

Another beautiful day in paradise, but not much news to pass on.

Might go to a Chili baking contest in Mulege today, or, maybe not. We don't want to strain ourselves, now do we!
We have moved back from our isolated post on the far side of Bahia concepcion and are now in the relatively busy Santispac beach area.

Got to go sailing yesterday, and perhaps today on a Hobie Cat. (Click on any photo for a larger view).

The last two mornings have been calm right after sunrise, so I have been able to get in some good flights with the r/c helicopter. Even trying to get a snippet of video for you, but the internet here is, um, challenging, so that may have to wait!

Shorebirds on patrol shortly after sunrise, on a rising tide.

Found some Saskatchewanians at a nearby beach in some big, classy rigs, one complete with wind turbine.You can tell that they are homesick for blowing snow and ice fishing! (Sorry Marta!)

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