Saturday, March 1, 2008

Santispac beach is a pretty nice spot, and I was in no hurry to leave. But I decided to move out to the far side of the point, which was much quieter and had a wider ocean view.

But don't think that I was just relaxing and having a good time! I was hard at work, as well. The time was finally right to finish installing the extra floor panels that I had managed to find in the States.

With Harley supervising the job from his perch by the fridge (note the nose), the job went very well.
Here, he is testing, and apparently approving of the final product!

Since we had discovered that we were back in the mountain time zone, it meant that happy hour came sooner.

On this side of the point, we were almost 50 feet from the water at high tide, but the beach here almost has more shells than gravel and sand.Since this camp area features it's own restaurant and bar, I decided to go down and see how all the 'caravan people' were doing. And to see how Zulema was doing behind the bar!
She seemed to be doing just fine, and when not pouring drinks, she would blow up balloons for the resident pit-bull in the restaurant to run around and chase. She said I could post her photo here.

But in spite of all the good times, I was very dedicated and got up at 6:30 in the morning to capture the sunrise for you.I also managed a new record for how far south my satellite dish would pick up a signal.
But on Saturday, we pulled up stakes, and rolled the tires on south of Loreto so see if there is weather down there as well. Not sure what the internet access will be like for the next few days, so there may not be an update for a couple days? But I'm sure you will tough it out. I know that I am!


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