Friday, March 28, 2008

It’s full-on summer here at Lake Havasu. Day time temps are in the high 80’s or 90’s, and this is reflected on the beach and boat scene.

To say that some of the boats here are impressive would be a great understatement. I think some of these boats must cost about the same as a ‘starter castle’, and have about the same area to polish as well.

Sometimes it is difficult to get the camera to focus on the boats.

Many of them spend the time parading down the channel, under the “London bridge”, showing off their chrome, the sound of their huge engines, and showing off the bikinis on board. Some sound about the same as a locomotive starting up a steep grade. Out on the open lake where they can let loose among the water skiers, wake boarders, pontoon boats, and jet-skis, the sound level really goes up a notch. There are lots of isolated areas high above the shore where you can park for the day, but the sounds of nature more closely compare with a busy interstate at rush hour. On the bright side, their fuel consumption each day would be a bit less than a carrier group on manoeuvres. This includes the plane circling overhead all day, towing the advertising signs. Even some of the rigs used to tow these ships are impressive on their own. There was even a full size semi-tractor at the marina with a boat trailer in tow. A sign on it declared that it was an RV, not a commercial rig.

In secluded places there are a few cactuses trying to make a go of it,

and some of the bays of the lake are part of a National Wildlife refuge to give a few of the creatures a little peace – but not quiet!

I visited a marina and found the usual fat ducks that are accustomed to being fed, but these ones were directly competing with fat fish.

I wondered if some of them get bitten by the fish, but I failed to see any one-legged ducks (Garry).

It took me a while to spot the London Bridge, even though all the business and hotels in the area are using it’s name. I finally realized that I had been driving over it every day, but did not recognize it until I got down below on the water. And it was tough to see down there as there were lots of diversions for the eyes.

I would recommend that Crystal Beach not be part of your plans if you hoped to swim or boat.

See pic.

Through it all Harley continues to show his anxiety and stress levels, but he hides it well.

Lake Havasu - London Bridge channel.

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