Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Macho - the sailing goat!
I've never met a goat before, so I can truly say that Macho is in a class of his own.
Macho is the goat companion of a guy living on a nearby beach.
My neighbour and I had sailed his Hobie Cat over to visit another sailor and others on that beach and we go to meet Macho. Of course we had to stop at a little hotspring on the shore along the way. The tide was low, so there was not much water in the pool, but it was very warm!
He is just like a little dog, following his owner everywhere, and bleating if he is of sight for even a minute!
And he sails on the boat with him all the time! Today, it was decided that the two boats would sail over to yet another nearby beach, where there are even more Hobie Cat sailors living, but no more goats. We were out in some pretty good size swells in a good stiff breeze, but Macho takes it all in.
That evening, we all went out for happy hour and supper at a local restaurant, and the goat came along, and made himself quite at home, as long as he was with his owner!
Harley is in no danger of losing his job as fat cat, but Macho was certainly a character.

In the following photos, Macho is on the other boat with two other sailors!

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Well, look at that. The temperature looks warm in the sun, but this web-cam shot taken out my front window in LL a couple days ago shows there is still more than a little of that white stuff around. Good thing I am not there, as there is likely a lot of snow in the driveway, too.

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  1. I met macho this week during my trip to Baja. What a sweet goat!