Friday, April 13, 2012

Natural Bridges National Monument

Also within easy driving distance from Goosenecks State Park in south eastern Utah is the Natural Bridges National Monument.  Natural bridges, as I was to learn always originate as a result of flowing water, while arches, such as in Arches National Park may form on ridge tops from other forms of erosion.  Once formed however, some of the same forces begin to act on both types of arch.P4042645

I did one of the loop hikes in the park which takes one under and through two of the major natural bridge formations.  The trail also follows the creek bottom, and it was interesting to see flood debris hanging in the trees 10 feet overhead in places.


It was an interesting trail that included several ladders and suspended stairways, as well as steps cut into the rock surface.P4042651

Earlier explorers had to resort to climbing down trees to get into certain portions of the canyon.


Meanwhile, Hailey was enjoying the views at Goosenecks and keeping the lizards on their toes.CIMG7723CIMG7724CIMG7728CIMG7729CIMG7730

And on occasion there were opportunities to take to the skies for some more photos!



  1. Wow! We love that area of utah too! Actually, Utah is our favorite state! We are workamping in Virgin UT now, 12 miles from Zion NP! Love your photos! Amazing that Hailey took to the leash so well and posed like a pro! Enjoyed your post!

  2. IVE had this spot on list of must sees and NOW its sealed Gotta see it, Thanks for this great post.

  3. What spectacular photos and what a great place to visit. We'll have to go back to Utah now just to see this beautiful park - thanks for the head's up.