Thursday, April 19, 2012


It seems that I took a lot more photos around Page than I had space for in previous posts, so here are some more!


I went back to the dam and had a look around.  Security was down from last time I was there.  Last time, it was like going through airport security and metal detectors to even get into the visitor center.  This time, there was none, though I was told that you still have to go through it if you are going on the guided tour into the dam itself.


This one will make you dizzy, looking almost straight down from the highway bridge downstream of the dam.P4092855

While I was on the bridge, a large house-boat was being hauled across.  Traffic had to wait till it was clear.


Hailey waiting patiently for me to load up and head down the road from out dead-end, slanted, but quiet little parking spot behind the supercenter!CIMG7739P4092875P4092877

Where to next?  Find out in the next post.P4092879

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