Sunday, April 15, 2012

Page, Az Glen Canyon, Lake Powell

After more than a week camped with a great view at Goosenecks State Park in south eastern Utah, it was time to move on.  Our original plan, if you can call random wandering a plan, was to keep on heading north towards Moab, checking out the southern sections of Canyonlands National Park along the way.  But, after checking the weather reports, and checking out intriguing sections of the map, it was decided that some minor backtracking was in order.  So, back through Monument Valley we went, and then hung a right which took us west, and eventually into Page, Az.


About this time, we had a little fridge issue.  One day, the light inside decided not to come on.  I checked the bulb, and it was OK, as was the fuse, but there did not seem to be any power at the switch.  That was not a big concern to me – until that is, I noticed that things were not as cold as they should be!  Oh oh.  What now?  There is a small light at the top of the fridge that comes on if there is a problem (with the gas?), but it was not lit.  Then I started to check the buttons that switch the unit from electric to gas, and on and off …

Well it seems that someone (!)(Can’t blame Hailey, she’s too short) must have accidentally pushed this tiny button while reaching into the cupboard above and – turned the fridge off!  One small click, and I heard the flame light, and I opened the door and was almost blinded by the light as I reached for a cool-ish beverage to celebrate the lack of a costly repair or loss of anything in the freezer section.

Now, where were we …

Page’s claim to fame, and very reason for it’s existence, is the Glen Canyon Dam, which now prevents Lake Powell from splashing down into the Grand Canyon.P4082727P4082729P4082738P4082744P4082748P4082754P4082756

Flowers were blooming away …


Wildlife was out and about.  Well, trying to hide, actually!P4082773

This little guy wasn’t impressed when I moved his rock.P4082774P4082775P4082780P4082782P4072678P4072684P4072688P4072695P4072696P4072706P4072707P4072710

Hailey went out for an evening hunt …CIMG7732

But it wasn’t all just fun and games.  CIMG7733

Well, then again maybe it was!



  1. We visited lake Powell last May. What a beautiful place and a very nice campground. I really enjoyed seeing it from above in your photos - it is even more impressive!

  2. You are making both of us very jealous. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Gotta just love all that great red rock country. I remember traveling west from Page & picking up a back road which led up through Cotton Canyon I think & on to Grosvenor's Arch, Kodachorome State Park, Cannonville & on to Bryce Canyon one time back in 92. That little Hailey sure likes to ham it up for the camera:))

  4. That area is one of our favorite places, we stayed there a week last Oct. Your pictures are wonderful.

  5. Interesting blog Ivan, excellent pictures. I have travelled that area a lot in the Past. I have also biked the Moab area, wonderful times

    Take care\
    Don McTighe