Tuesday, April 17, 2012


As in my previous post, I mentioned that the flowers in the desert around Page, Az are blooming.  Well, they still are!P4082783P4082786P4082787P4082788

I didn’t find any real inviting boondocking spots close to Page.  You can dry camp at Lone Rock, but it will cost you $10 a night, and it’s a ways out of town – actually, just across the line into Utah.  Then there is Waheap campground, but you need a park pass and mine has somehow expired in the last 14 months!  I thought there might be spots near Antelope marina, but there is no campground, and they wanted $15 just to go for a look.

So, lets just say I am ‘transient camping’ on the street, near a very large umm, ‘supercenter’!  But, you never know what may lie in wait for you – out behind your local Walmart!

Here’s what I found.  A scenic garbage dump that looked like it was from the 50’s.


But there is more.  A river in fact.  The mighty (very tame here, below the dam) Colorado.


I managed to sneak up on this healthy looking specimen.P4082829P4082831P4082832

All this, behind your local Walmart, if you happen to be in Page.P4082841


  1. I like Page, we stayed at the Best Western in Town, it was fine--took the tour of the Antelope canyon, 1/2 boat trip to the Rainbow Bridge, on Lake Powell, and hiked over to the horseshoe bend--SO much to see there. Great photos, amazing thats behind the walmart!!

  2. Well, we have been to the Walmart in Page but we were obviously on the wrong side of the building. Snagged a few groceries on our way from the Grand Canyon's North Rim to the South Rim. We did stop at Denny's in Page. Must try to get back over to that area again. Nice photos:))

  3. Across from the road into Lone Rock is a road to a corral. It's a mile on a dirt road, but not bad, and it's free. Our WIN group will be at Lone Rock in a couple days. If you will still be there, let me know at dianatolerico(at)yahoo.com.