Wednesday, April 11, 2012

South Eastern Utah

Many cities and towns list their elevation, population, or when they were established.  Some, like Lake Havasu City, or Page, Az were only established in the 50’s or 60’s.  Well, I think Bluff, Utah takes the record for oldest with 650 A.D.!P4022620P4022621CIMG7695CIMG7699CIMG7700

Another road I explored while camped at Goosenecks, is road 244, which snakes around under the high mesa, but is still 1000’ above the level of the San Juan river.  Even though the road is numbered, it seems to serve mainly as a pasture access route, with strategically placed gates that have to be opened along the way.

There are some relatively flat spots, but often it is vertical rock wall on one side, and abrupt drop on the other.CIMG7704CIMG7705CIMG7706CIMG7707CIMG7708CIMG7710CIMG7711CIMG7712

Muley Point is up on top of that mesa …CIMG7714P4012610P4012611P4012615P4012612

There are signs warning not to touch or deface rock art or disturb or remove any artefacts.


I did see one example of somewhat contemporary rock art!P4012618


  1. And to think, we will be able to access all these great locations you are exploring in just a day or two from our Congress House in coming years. First time I ever saw Southeastern Utah back in May of 92 I just fell in love with it & it was this whole area that burned in my mind for the next 15 years before returning to it again in the Fall of 07.

  2. Did you mnake it up the Moki Dugway? That will connect you to the road that goes to Natural Bridges. Lots of Anasazi ruins up on Cedar Mesa. I found an old black-on-white mug up there once, way back where nobody goes - left it sitting by an old fire ring, where I found it. Be sure to check out Valley of Gods if you haven't yet. :)

  3. Whoops - I need to catch up on your blog, looks like you already went to all those places. :)