Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cape Breton continued …

Signs:  I have noticed that a lot of towns in some sections of the Maritimes share the same names.  Here is one good example!  Perhaps ‘Clyde’, or ‘all Clydes’ might have done as well on these signs!


Then there was Pubnico.  No information if there was also an upper West Pubnico, or a west Pubnico?


What would you tell someone if you lived in the north-west part of East Southhampton, hmm?


In the eastern portion of Cape Breton there is a significant Gaelic heritage, and this is displayed in some of their road signs.


I liked someone’s humourous addition to this sign, as I pretty much agreed.  Many of the maritime roads are pretty wavy pavement.  Not potholes, like Saskatchewan, but enough to get the big rigs rocking, and regularly spilling Hailey’s water dish.


In the eastern portion of Cape Breton Highlands National Park, is the well known Keltic lodge and golf course, now offered up by Parks Canada to the highest bidder.


The helicopter wanted to go flying here, but the winds across the point were just too high and gusty to lift off safely ;-(


This section of highway had recently been re-built and was of course smooth, and a pleasure to drive on.  I was surprised, however to see the construction of the many approaches.  Notwithstanding the nice rock work, they were all abrupt embankments, at a time when most such highway entrances elsewhere are now built with long, gradual slopes to minimize any impacts should a vehicle exit the road unexpectedly.  These would result in some fairly serious impacts.


There were new guardrails in places that looked much less menacing.  Further down the coast, it would have been shorter to take this ferry across to the North Sydney area, but we are on this trip to see the country, so we went the long way around;


and used the bridge instead!


My apologies to anyone who has commented on the blog recently and not seen their comment appear.  For some reason, only ‘some’ of the comments were apparently waiting for me to approve them.  Since I never ever go into Blogger to look, I had no idea they were waiting.  Other comments were appearing normally?  I do all of my posts using Livewriter, so I don’t have to sign in to blogger.

Is it just me, or are there a lot more smokers on the east coast?  I know there is one less out west as Brenda from John & Brenda’s Incredible Journey, is joining the ranks of the non-smokers!

Heading for Newfoundland!


  1. My memory is a little hazy now but those pics of the winding highway high atop the cliffs over looking the ocean or Gulf of St. Lawrence are as I remember the Cabot Trail.

  2. Wow! Amazing shoreline pics! Now that's a road I wouldn't mind commuting on everyday.