Friday, September 14, 2012

Heading West

After getting off the boat from Newfoundland, the weather had improved somewhat and it was 27C for a bit, and I considered getting back into shorts, but it was not to last.

Got into the middle of a huge (cancer charity?) motorcycle ride in Baddeck, NS, but still managed to meet up with my brother and his wife, who were just headed towards NL on their own exploratory trip, and just in time for the hurricane to arrive!

In a Sobey’s grocery store in Pictou, my ‘Sobeys’ card once again drew blank stares …

As evening approached, Google earth suggested a couple of quiet looking spots on the northern coast of NB near the NS line.  One turned out to be Gaspareaux National Historic site, where the French had built a fort in the 1750’s.  It was only used for a few years before being overrun by the British, who then burned it to the ground.

We had planned a short visit at least to Kouchibouguac National Park further along the coast, but somehow the road we were on did not seem to have any proper signs leading to it, and before we knew it, it was way too far back to go back.

From Miramichi, the route was across the province on a secondary highway, coming out at Plaster Rock.  The first half was typically rough, even at the 80km speed limit.  The second part had been re-paved and was not so bad.

The fuel pumps there were no problem to start with my chipped MC, but the pump quits at $100. !  With the price of diesel  close to $1.40, that is not enough to fill even my small tank.  So I had to start over again for another $19.  Ouch.  I think it is time to lower the price, or raise the limit Petro Canada?

A stop was in order by the time we reached Edmunston, NB, and I was surprised to find the local Walmart closed shortly after 6PM – even on a Sunday.  I’m kind of used to the US stores, most of which are open 24 hrs.  But this one was also on the edge of town, so it made a surprisingly quiet spot to spend the night – and it was the first Walmart ‘camp’ of this trip – if my memory serves me correctly.

We went for a stroll and Hailey wanted to see inside the store, as she has never been to WM.CIMG8227

In the morning, with our bilingual hat firmly in place, we crossed into Quebec, where a major highway construction project was underway. (Must be the riding of a Conservative MP?)  It looks like a long section of the road is being twinned through some pretty solid looking rock.  It was nice day, so decided it was a good time for a closer look.


It looked like a row of rock drills were advancing up the outcrop preparing the next blast, while another row of excavators below loaded trucks to remove the rubble.



In the sign category, there is only one entry this time, and I think it is self-explanatory.  Or not!


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  1. Nice crisp clear aerial photos. One of the things that bugged me years ago driving through northern New Brunswick & Quebec was not being able to find an English speaking radio station. Figured you might be traveling in stealth mode so I've been keeping an eye out for a pick-up truck camper rolling in the driveway. Had an email from Wilf in Kirkland Lake & a picture of you with an apparent minor furry little animal wound to your arm. Rumor has it Hailey & Morris were best of Pals....ya right:))