Sunday, September 23, 2012


After a night on a back road near Kettle Lakes Provincial Park, we headed into Timmins.


Unfortunately, Shania Twain was not in town, so we settled for an oil change – not a fair trade at all!  From there it was cross country towards Wawa on a rough Ontario road at 80km/hr – in the rain.  The leaves were just starting to change in that area, and it appeared that some of them had just turned brown and gotten blown off.  We spent the night at the same lakeside camp spot  near Rossport we had used on the way east, but perhaps because of the lack of leaves it felt even closer to the highway and was somewhat noisier.

If the changing leaves were not indicator enough, there were other signs that fall was upon us.


In the ‘signs’ section there were a few suitable entries.  This sign advised campers to take their propane cylinders home with them, but provided a convenient orange container for them …!

Most of my sign photos are outdoors, but I thought this one warranted inclusion.  It was found over a urinal in a campground or visitor centre .


I thought this next sign was a bit discriminatory, though there are a lot of state parks that charge non-residents higher fees...  And, neither Canada nor US gas pumps seem to like credit cards from the other country.P9146554


In this part of Ontario I saw a lot of solar panel installations that did not seem to be related to a particular residence of business.  I assume they are hooked into the provincial power grid?


Next:  Manitoba moose!


  1. I wonder how the signs are at Redstreak campground? Hmmmm...

  2. Those solar panels are part of a program started by the Liberal government in Ontario. Promises of subsidies and pay back for electricity uploaded to the grid to the farmers who installed the systems. Several years later and the farmers are still waiting for the promised monies. Many of them are tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket. Many are still waiting for their systems to be hooked into the grid. It is a big shambles. Here is a link to a blog which pretty much tells the story of the Liberal green Energy boondoggle.