Sunday, September 9, 2012

On the West Coast–of Newfoundland

Our camp spot one night after the weather had cleared gave us a great view across the Strait of Belle Isle to Labrador and Quebec.  A ship could be seen in the distance and getting closer, so we ended up at the ferry terminal to meet the incoming vessel.  It was the ferry coming over from it’s northern terminus right on the Quebec/Labrador border.  We toyed with the idea of going across ourselves, as the price was only about $25 each way, but there was not much point as the scenery would be much the same unless we headed into the interior of Labrador, which was not on this years game plan.


We just watched while it unloaded, then loaded again and set out on the return journey.

Another short side trip to the coast was in order at Port aux Choix, where there is a lighthouse and a National historic site.  There were a lot of boats out of the water at the small harbour, so I cruised through and took a bunch of photos.


Further south at Arches Provincial Park, there was a nice picnic area on the shore, next to some natural arches on the beach.


A few more entries in the ‘sign’ category …


Creek, River, Stream, Wash, whatever!


Never would have guessed it was a bridge we were driving over!  Luckily, it was identified.


And, a moose warning sign so short that the moose could almost walk over it.P9026268P9026269P9026274P9016246P9016248P9016252P9016262

That’s Labrador, over there.P9016250P9016261P9016263P9016264

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  1. It is often the vibrant colors the east coasters use on their houses that I sometimes remember most. Never been to Newfoundland, but maybe, just of these days. Nice photos:))