Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More Newfoundland

As it turns out, I took a lot of photos in Newfoundland, and you’ll get to see some more of them now!

Along the coast were the remains of a shipwreck from December 1919, the S.S. Ethie.  Not too much is left of her now, but all 92 of her passengers and crew were saved, including a baby that was sent ashore in a mailbag!


Just outside of Rocky Harbour is the Lobster Cove lighthouse, now administered by Parks Canada.  Much to my surprise and amazement, this is one of many sites where Parks provides free public wi-fi in their facilities in the east.  Way to go.


Near Rocky Harbour is the very scenic little coastal town of Norris Point.  We paid it a visit.  And took some photos. (That’s not a sentence)

The gulls liked the roof of the local Anglican church.


It would have been nice to hike to Gros Morne’s highest peak at just over 800m, but the timing was off for me it will have to wait for another visit.  We did have a look at it from the bottom though.


We didn’t want to miss out on Woody Point and Bonne Bay, so we headed out to that area next.  After a drive of 100km (60 miles), I could look across the bay and see where I had spent the previous night.


I’d better not risk angering the internet gods by adding more photos in this post, so this is it, for now.


  1. As usual spectacular pictures. The gulls seem to know where the best views are. Looks so poetic especially the empty roads...WOW!!