Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Véale luego Mexico!

Feliz viaje.

hasta luego

Monday we motored northbound on the Mex 1 through San Quintin and Ensenada with only a roadside stop to check the e-mail and blog. Fueled up north of Ensenada on the way to the border crossing at Tecate. Got to the border at 5:15 and made it through, including a secondary inspection by 5:45! Line was about 1/3 of last year I was glad to see. Swapped all the pesos in wallet and pockets for greenbacks, and we were on our way towards San Diego. Hadn't been there for quite a few years, and wanted to check out the big Fry's store and compare it to the one we visited last year in Seattle. Got it into the outskirts of SD (Rancho San Diego, El Cajon) about dark and treated myself to some KFC pollo (er,.. chicken!). Everyone was staring at me 'cause I still had shorts and sandals on. Checked the news/weather/sports, then used Google Earth to find a nice little quiet road nearby to nap for the nite. Turns out it was adjacent to a US Fish & Wildlife service game preserve, so it made for some coyote serenades at night and a nice view in the morning.

Once again, used Google, and G Earth to locate the Fry's store and drove there directly in morning rush traffic with no problems at all. The parking lot may not be as huge as the one in Seattle, but the store was every bit as huge. I saw over 50 checkouts, though there was a huge lineup at the 25 in use. They strategically run the lineup through racks and racks of snacks and goodies to temp you, as well as hiding the exit, so you really have to search for it. My first foray into the store took about 2 hours - till I got hungry and had to leave. Well, I didn't have to because there is a restaurant in the store, but Harley needed a bit of time to check out the mouse situation in the area of the camper. Did some price comparisons at the WalMart next door, had some supper and waded back in for another 3 hour marathon! The store has everything!
Managed to get out the door with a shiny new Sirius satellite radio, and a couple of cables I was looking for.

Probably could have spent the night in their parking lot, but there was a couple of huge rigs in the Walmart next door that seemed to have spent the previous night, so I joined them, and listened to satellite radio. This thing even has a function where it will alert me whenever there is a Leafs game on, give score updates, and supply play-by-play if available.

Looks a bit cool and snowy at home, judging from this pic from my web cam looking out the front window!

Here's where we are -
San Diego map link >,-117.114665&h1=en&t=k

Total days in Mexico - 32
total kms in Mexico -4161

Amazingly, we got two more hits on the log from Beijing, China, and one from La Garenne-Colombes, Ile-de-France!


Looks like great driving conditions in Calgary, if this news pic is any indication!

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