Sunday, February 11, 2007

Went through Mulege yesterday and had a look around, as I have previously just driven right through. Toured the airport, the marina area, and found the downtown area - including the ATM I was looking for. Downtown is very old fashioned Mexico, and the streets are very narrow, especially for a camper. Decided not to use the ATM because it had just finished 'eating' the card of the previous user and I did not want to take a chance!

There were a couple of shrimp boats anchored just off shore.

There was also a lot of evidence of flood damage, especially along the river banks leading out to sea. Water and sewer lines were exposed along the banks.

Then it was back onto the road back to Santa Rosalia, where I did use the ATM, and topped up the grocery supply.

There are many many monuments built along the roadside to commemorate those who have died there. Some of these are very intricate and very well maintained, with candles and flowers refreshed often. This one was obviously for a trucker who must have died in May last year.

There was lots of road construction underway, typically crews of men with wheelbarrows and shovels and picks. Much of the work is done this way, or with the help of small backhoes and loaders. Here the crew is painting the gutter along the highway!

After departing Santa Rosalia, I stopped to fill my propane tank again. What a difference from La Paz. Instead of the crowd of people and tanks everywhere, and lots of staff, here you could drive right in to the yard, chat with the resident dog, and the lone employee comes over and fills your tank immediately, no hassle, no waiting. A five minute easy stop instead of the hour trying to fill a tank in La Paz!

Out of S Rosalia the road climbs abruptly, and winds around the mountainside with a substantial drop-off, which may or may not have a guard rail. I think I would hate to be a passenger in any big rig along here! I was following a wide load semi with an caterpillar on it - who met another semi on a blind, tight bend. I wondered if they would get stuck or collide, but they both finessed the rigs around the corner with inches to spare and carried on! There is evidence along the road of those who have launched over the side, however.

Question: If you see a burned out, rusted wreck of a car off the side of the road, how do you know if you are in the US or Mexico? Answer later.

Because I was in the middle of nowhere, and Hockey Night in Canada was due to begin, I found a suitable camp spot down a non-descript little trail leading off of Mex 1.

Below is a Google Earth screen shot of our camp spot last nite - indicated by the yellow pin, looking north along the Baja peninsula.

And if that isn't good enough for you, here is the standard LINK to a Google Map!

Answer: The Mexican wreck has no bullet holes in it!

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