Monday, February 26, 2007

Who would have guessed? Visitors to the blog from India Pune, Maharashtra, and two from China, including Beijing!

It's been pretty quiet the last few days with not a lot going on. The plan was to head back south and to lower elevations to get away from the less-than-perfect weather. Sedona is a very scenic area, but it was cold and windy, so not very inviting to stick around. We headed south into Cottonwood, bought a new bag of Iams for someone who complains about food shortages!

Camp Verde did not offer up any tempting options for a Friday night, so we headed south on the interstate again till almost dark. A ranch road with a view of the valley provided a spot to enjoy the stars.

Then it was on down through Phoenix, stopping only at a huge sporting goods store for a look around. Evening came on us in the middle of nowhere (what luck), and a dead-end road leading into the desert provided a good spot to pull out the dish and watch the Leafs beat Philly.
The new camper battery is working wonders as I watched TV for over three hours with no power concerns. The little Honda generator is wondering if I have forgotten it behind the seat!

Then it was on southward again into Tucson with a stop at the big

store. We headed out of town towards famous Tombstone, Arizona, but turned off south again and visited Kartchner Caverns State Park.

Look at the picture of the sign carefully and you might be able to see the Arizona Puma on the sign!

Amazingly, this incredible cave system was only discovered in 1974 on private land, and was a secret even from the land owners for several years. Then the state purchsed the porperty and now protects it in the state parks system.

The campground wanted $22.50, so being the cheapskate we went a bit further down the road and found a National Forest Dry Canyon access road leading up into the hills, with only a few distant cattle and possibly some smugglers or illegal aliens for company. Lots of scenery and stars and silence, all at no extra charge.

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Next on the agenda is Coronado National Memorial, which was established along the Mexican border, "To commemorate permanently the explorations of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado"

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