Saturday, October 24, 2009

After leaving Rika's Roadhouse and the Tanana River we continued south westerly to Tok junction, then north towards Chicken Alaska.

It was later in the day, and the traffic was very minimal, so we opted to camp roadside - with a smoky view.

The road was very winding on the way north to Chicken, but the permafrost effects were not bad.
In spite of Chicken being exceedingly small, somehow we managed to miss the downtown - which consisted of about three buildings and an outhouse.There are many many Chicken-related souvenirs you can buy here. The 'town' takes pride in poking fun at itself.

For example, they even have some official chickens.Price of fuel was ... let's say - Northern. But fortunately I had enough to make it to Dawson City, where the price was merely extravagant.

We checked out the United States Post Office.

The huge gold dredge - close to downtown!And the chicken Gold Camp

Where they bring the ore to you and you can pan for the gold - in relative comfort, for a fee.

And the Chicken fact sheet - or everything that you need to know about chicken!
(Click photo for larger view)Tho the road into Chicken from the south is paved most of the way, the departure route towards the Canadian border is a bit more rustic - but in pretty good shape.

Some things you may not expect to see in Alaska ...

I guess it is not a big surprise, given the Russian heritage, but this is the first time I have seen Russian - on an American sign at the gas pumps!
Something else that you may not expect to see in Alaska - a combine. On the highway!
But in fact, certain parts of Alaska do have a lot of agricultural lands, so it is really not that strange at all. But it kind of catches you off guard in the middle of the bush.

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  1. Chicken.......truly a strange name for a town. A feller would have to be careful driving through that town in case he got 'henpecked!!' Guess I laid a bit on a egg there didn't I....well, the yolks on me:))