Saturday, October 31, 2009

Most places we visited  in the Yukon were very interesting in an eclectic and historic sense, and Keno City did not disappoint.
Keno City was one of the largest producers of Silver in the world and it predates the Gold Rush at the turn of the last century.

Silver was shipped out on sternwheelers suchs as the 'Keno' which we visited in Dawson City.
Now the town is rather small, with a population of 20.  The population apparently mushroomed to this level with the arrival of some artists in town.  There are no stores or fuel available, but there is a restaurant and a very well done museum.
This old gas pump was left over from the past.  It looks like the price wa 79 cents a gallon!
I wish they were open today!

Among the mostly historic facets of town, there are some modern telecommunication facilities as well.

This house below is surrounded by 32,000 empty beer bottles.  The owner of the hotel owns it and used the bottles as there was no refundable bottles in those days.  You can read more about it on the Keno web page.

It looks like there is still the possibility of confusion with the Keno City Fire Dept.  Seems like many long years ago they responded to a burning bank in neighbouring Elsa with their new fire truck - which had no water in it!

Remember Gulf gas stations?

A couple of partners apparenly built these adjoining cabins - just in case they decided to split up ...!

As well as the Keno City museum, there are many other historical displays, including this building which displays early mining equipment, among other things.

Town was busy the day we were there. There was at least two other vehicles around. We were lucky to find parking spaces!

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