Tuesday, October 27, 2009

After a very rainy night camped just off the Dempster highway north of Tombstone Territorial Park, the weather had cleared somewhat, and the rain may have helped dissipate the smoke.

Even in August you could see that the tops of the mountains had received light dustings of snow. Fall comes early up here.
We had turned around yesterday at the most northerly point we traveled on the Dempster
(64 53.398 -138 16.861)

As we headed south, somewhat reluctantly, we were at least able to see many of the mountains and valleys that have been obsured the day before.

We passed by an outfitters camp, likely preparing for sheep season hunts?

On the south edge of the Territorial Park, we chose the Grizzly Creek trail to have a look at the scenery from higher up. For the first time on the trip - because it was a nice sunny day, I broke out the solar panel and let the camper batteries soak up the sun while we were out hiking.
Click on the map below (or any photo) for a larger view.
The trail starts in heavy timber and gradually climbs out of the trees along the ridge.

With some nice views back down into the valley and the Dempster highway.
Looking further up the ridge towards a small lake, and a campground at the head of the trail.

Back to the parking lot and a bite to eat, we were soon headed south again - enjoying the clear skies and lack of smoke finally!

The Dempster highway sign at the start of the road north to Inuvik.

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