Monday, October 26, 2009

We were still in Dawson City for another day and passed the time with tours of the famous authors houses (see previous post),
and the Palace Grand Theatre.
When it was time for lunch, we came across a secluded little spot on the river bank, near the ferry crossing. The traveling cat got out to check the area while the meal was cooking.
The area called for a glass of wine or two to be served with dinner.
We watched as an evening cruise of the paddle wheeler went downstream,
before fighting it's way back up against the current.
Then it was off to Diamond Tooth Gerties to watch the evening show and one of us tried a bit of blackjack at the tables.
Before it was dark we set out for the Dempster highway and found a non-descript abandoned gravel pit for a quiet place to spend the night. N 64 04.404 W 138 31.681
Even this place had some historical artifacts laying around to explore.
Next day dawned cool and smoky again as we headed north up the Dempster.
It was quite a change from earlier in the trip where we were in shorts and sandals - even taking the sandals off while driving and only using the A/C when we needed a break from the sound of the windows down.
Now, we were wondering if we had an heavy jackets or long underwear packed!
We looked for pingos as we drove north of Tombstone Territorial Park. And the smoke had started to clear just a bit.
Zero moose were seen at Two Moose Lake viewpoint!
As evening approached, we located a nice streamside spot to camp for the night. Another truck camper moved in later to share the scenery, but there was lots to go around.
N 64 42.921 W 138 22.647
The 'navigator' decided the camper needed a little decoration, so she hung up this inverted bouquet of roadside flowers and plants!
It rained most of the night, so we hunkered down, played some cribbage (I'm lousy), and watched a movie.
In the morning, we would hike up Grizzly creek trail if the weather cooperated.

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