Friday, October 16, 2009

After leaving Whittier, Alaska via the railroad tunnel, we headed back out to the main highway.

In a strange twist of fate, we got a free pass to attend the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center at Mile 79, Seward Highway.

As we sat in backed up traffic the day before on our way to Whittier, my navigator had gone back into the camper to retrieve some healthy snacks. The driver in the car behind expressed his fondness for the same snack, so at the next construction stop he was offered some.
In return he gave us a free pass for the Wildlife Center - which takes in injured and orphaned animals!

They had muskox, which were easier to see than the ones we had visited at the Muskox farm near Palmer.
And they had some very large, very close grizzly bears! This one was enjoying a moose leg snack.
While this one sat back, waiting his turn!
But, he apparently got tired of waiting - as you can see from the video below.

He then spent some time trying to get some of the 'choice' bits off this chunk of moose.

As this next video demonstrates.

Not sure if this was the same bear that was chased off from the fast food,
but at any rate she decided to seek out higher ground
- possibly to look for more snacks!
The center also hosted some caribou, but these did not appear to be the hand fed type we had seen at the reindeer farm, also near Palmer.
The center also had some bison, deer, eagles, owls, elk, coyote and moose, as well as a gift shop .

After this our route would take us back through Anchorage, Palmer, and up the highway towards Denali National Park.

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